Saint Alfonso's

Saint Alfonsos' location next to the Roman church, classified as a Historic Monument, anchors it in Feuillade's past. It served the mayor of the village and is typical of the Maison de Maître architecture of the region.


Renovating this building back to most of its original standing consisted of mainly rethinking the motivations of dated design philosophies (covering stone walls with floral wallpaper, painting cast iron radiators). Our criteria was to repurpose what was initially well conceived and constructed, editing superfluous decoration while updating modern mechanics (central heating, plumbing, electrical) to a high functional standard.


The philosophy extends to our food. The pancakes are made with locally sourced (organic and biodynamic when possible) produces to support the local economy and fermented to promote digestion. Espresso drinks default to traditional italian customs (no triple pump strawberry flavorings or whipped cream cappuccinos) and milk is fresh if not raw (no UHT).


Saint Alfonso's is near the Flow Vélo (500m) as well as 500 km of shared roads and bike paths such as La Scandiberique/Eurovelo 3 and many cycling loops. La Flow Vélo is an itinerary of 290km from west (Île d'Aix) to East (Thiviers) and vice versa. It is very quick and simple to access our Bed and Breakfast from it. We are a convenient and comfortable stop to spend the night. We provide a secured shelter for your bicycles as well as the possibility to clean them up.


The Bourg

Feuillade is 1/2 hour from the Comics Festival and from the Rempart race both in Angoulême. Angoulême is the nearest city. Angoulême is less than 3 hours from Paris by TGV as well as 1 hour from Bordeaux.


It is traversed by the Bandiat, small river that once was essential to the manufacturing of canons.


Feuillade offers the infrastructures of the soccer field, tennis courts, its public park and its local bar/restaurant.


In March, it has a mini Pig festival with fire roasted pigs and local dishes.


The bus goes directly (3 or 4 times a day, 1 euro fare, 1 hour long ride) to the train station or city center of Angoulême from the church.