The cabin is situated on 800 sq meter opening in the Charente forest in south western France. The access is only by foot. We will take your luggages with our 3 wheeler. Built from reclaimed cedar logs, it is 100% off grid, rain water collected, dry toilet sustainable. Inspired by Japanese wabi sabi design philosophy, it uses locally sourced stone and wood, mostly reclaimed from abandoned structures in the region. Approximately 200 sq/ft in footprint, it is fully insulated using double glazed windows. Winter heat is provided by wood burning stove (Danish design Morso). Electrics and lighting are 12 volts supplied by eight solar panels. The exterior shower water is municipal for customer sanitation and is deliver from the village (Feuillade, 500 meters away) and refilled as needed. We supplie filtered water bottles for drinking and brushing teeth. We are using a dry-composting toilet.

Organic breakfast (included in the price of 139€ per night) is waiting for you at the main building between 8h and 10h. It takes about 5 minutes by foot along the Bandiat river. The cabin is non smoking and no cooking on the wood-stove or the outside fire pit.


To make a reservation (2 nights minimum), please inquire at: or at +33 (0)5-17-20-65-92.


As a reminder, you are renting a cabin situated among nature. Please be advised, there could be bugs, wild animals, weather conditions that may impact your stay and these conditions are out of our control.